Lovely Scrunchies™   Dark Purple Band

Lovely Scrunchies™ Dark Purple Band

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Why aren't our Lovely Scrunchies boring?

 I mean look at them! They are super cute, and you are able to buy them to match any outfit with our over 25+ different styles!

 Are they comfortable?

It's a scrunchie! Go and put one of your scrunchies on your wrist and feel how comfortable that is! Ours are made from only the best cloth, so we know we off the comfiest scrunchie band on the market!


The Lovely Scrunchie™ is a MUST have for any Apple Watch owner.

We created the Lovely Scrunchie Band because we were bored of all these other bands available in stores and online, especially tired of the high prices! Everyone walks around with the same old watch band every single day. So, we figured we would change it up and add a scrunchie to your Apple Watch! 

The Scrunchie Band is perfect for any occasion! You can use it day to day or maybe for that specific occasion! Or you could wear it on a night out with your friends and brag about your new Apple Watch band that is so much cuter than theirs! 

We have many different bands and are constantly adding more and more to the collection to make sure everything stays fresh!  Our bands are made from the best materials, we have soft scrunchies and premium steel clips to ensure your watch stays safe.

If you love comfort and style, this is the perfect band for you!


  • Fits Apple Watches Series 1,2,3,4 and 5!
  • Choice of either 38mm, 40mm, 42mm, or 44mm width. Please select the correct size according to the back of your Apple Watch face.
  • One size fits all! No need to worry about measuring your wrist, our Scrunchie Band fits like a scrunchie!


  • United States of America- Please allow shipping to take 4-13 days 
  • International orders- Please allow shipping to take 14-40 days (everything outside of United States)